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About Laboratory
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About Laboratory

Laboratory Head: Dr.
Tyutyunnik Alexander Petrovich

: (343) 374-54-52

Laboratory Staff: 17 employees including 14 researchers, two of them have obtained Habilitation and seven other are PhD holders.

The Laboratory of structural and phase analysis was established in 1974 under the direction of Prof. S. I. Alyamovskii. A large role in the establishing of the lab themes and their further development belongs to Prof. Dr. P. V. Geld, the Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Head of the Department of general physics at the Ural Polytechnic Institute. Prof. Dr. Geld was working for decades in the Institute as a Scientific Advisor. He suggested an idea of advanced neutron diffraction studies, which were systematically developed by Dr. habil. Vladimir G. Zubkov. Since 1976 the Laboratory has been engaged in the studies in high pressure chemistry, in particular, the evolution of structural vacancies in variable-composition phases exposed to high pressures. Later, when relevant equipment became available, scanning electron microscopy and tunneling microscopy methods have been developed.

The Laboratory unites the three groups.

Alexander P. Tyutyunnik – Head of the Laboratory, Leading Researcher, PhD (Chemistry);
Vladimir G. Zubkov – Principal Researcher, Habilitation (Physics and Mathematics);
Ivan F. Berger – Research Fellow;
Ivan I. Leonidov – Research Fellow, PhD (Chemistry);
Olga A. Lipina – PhD Student (Chemistry).

Yurii G. Zainulin – Principal Researcher, Habilitation (Chemistry);
Tatyana V. Dyachkova – Leading Researcher, PhD (Chemistry);
Nadezhda I. Kadyrova – Leading Researcher, PhD (Chemistry);
Sergey V. Ovsyannikov – Senior Research Fellow, PhD (Physics and Mathematics);
Alexander G. Martyushev – Senior Engineer;
Zinaida I. Shuvayeva – Senior Engineer;
Valerii V. Katkov – Engineer.

Igor G. Grigorov – Leading Researcher, PhD (Chemistry);
Alexey N. Ermakov – Senior Research Fellow, PhD (Chemistry);
Irina V. Luzhkova – Research Fellow;
Olga N. Ermakova – Junior Research Fellow Engineer;
Alexander Yu. Chufarov – PhD Student (Chemistry).


Hydraulic press DO-137А with force of 600 t/cm fitted with necessary auxiliaries for chemical synthesis and synthesis of artificial diamonds and a toroid-type high-pressure camera

Furnaces, including those with automatic temperature maintenance and control over partial oxygen pressure inside the reaction chamber

Laboratory device for measuring the density of small quantities of preparations by interpolation to zero speed of sample motion in dense liquids

- Doubled X-ray autodiffractometer STADI-P (STOE, Germany) with Bragg-Brentano reflection (K
α1+ Kα2) and Guinier transmission (Kα1) survey geometries equipped with large (spanning angle 43.50) and small (spanning angle 6.60) scintillation coordinate detectors

High-temperature (STOE, Germany) and low-temperature (Oxford Instruments, UK) attachments for survey in capillaries.

Neutron diffractometer on IVV2 reactor (Zarechnyi)

Application package for diffractometer calibration and control and for diffraction data processing:
INSTRUMENT PARAMETERS (to define the available hardware);
DIFFRACTOMETER CONTROL AND DATA COLLECTION (versatile data collection program for all STOE powder diffractometers including alignment checks. Free choice of measuring parameters for different detectors and attachments);
PSD CALIBRATION (calibration of STOE position sensitive detectors);
HIGH TEMPERATURE DATA COLLECTION (automated setting of chosen temperatures, heating rates and ramping times);
GRAPHICS WITH PEAK SEARCH (Graphic display with plot and zoom functions, interactive peak search, background subtraction, smoothing);
3DGRAPH (Display of diagrams in quasi 3D-mode);
aHANDLING (tools for modification and conversion of raw data files incl. K stripping, adding, subtracting and dividing)
ASCII-formatted raw data files provided;
PATTERN FITTING (Profile analysis, splitting of overlapped peaks);
INDEX AND REFINE (with Visser's, Werner's and Louer’s algorithm, lattice constants refinement including space group extinction);
THEO (Generation of powder patterns from single crystal data);
SIZE/STRAIN (Particle size and micro-strain analysis, single and multi-line Fourier analyses);
CRYST (Program to calculate the crystallinity index of partly crystalline solids / fibres / foils).
(Qualitative phase analysis and quantitative phase analysis using the RIR-method) for ICDD POWDER DIFFRACTION FILE DATA BASE running under MS Windows including utility to integrate PEAK FILES collected on the STOE Powder Diffractometer.
Powder diffraction file ICDD PDF2 (2002, ICDD, USA).
Software package for full-profile Rietveld analysis: GSAS, Rietan, DBW

Vacuum furnaces SShVL and SNV

Raster electron microscope BS-301 (Tesla, ChSSR) with energy dispersion analyzer NL 2001A (Tesla, ChSSR)
X-Ray Microanalyzer “CAMEBAX” (CAMECA, France)

Scanning tunneling microscope SMM-2000
Т (KPD Ltd., Zelenograd, Russia)

Scanning multi-microscope SMM-2000
ТА (MNTTs Ltd., Moscow, Russia)

Systems for image input and processing from raster scanning devices on the basis of a personal computer (ISSCh UB RAS, Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Image input and processing application package:
Scan master (MNTTs Ltd., Moscow, Russia)

Scanbs, Scan (ISSCh UB RAS, Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Siams 600 and Simagis (Siams, Ekaterinburg, Russia).

Scientific contacts

  • International Center of Diffraction Data (ICDD, USA)
    10 year fruitful cooperation in the framework of the “GRANT-in-AID (GiA)” program yielded high-quality reference diffraction data on new compounds.

  • Institute of Metal Physics UB RAS
    cooperation with the Laboratory radiation physics and neutron spectroscopy at the Institute of metal physics (Ekaterinburg) in the research of electrophysical and magnetic properties of high-pressure phases.

IMP, IHTEC, IEP, Imash UB RAS, USU, USTU-UPI, STC VSMPO (V. Salda), CJSC NII MiT (Ekaterinburg)
Cooperation in developing new methods of digital microscopy.

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